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About Team

When you’re planning a trip you often worry about:

  1. Proper budgeting & paying extra hidden costs;
  2. Choosing the right experience;
  3. Proper accommodation & food;
  4. Navigation & transits;
  5. Choosing the right deals;
  6. Bad weather, sudden change of plans & many other buffers that prevent you from travelling.

XPATS International was formed to help you and many other travellers make the right travel decisions. Our dedicated and hardworking team of third-cultured individuals with tremendous experience in the Tanzanian holiday market have designed ultimate budget packages that will save you extra money without compromising your holiday experience. Growing up in the third-world has given most of our members a profound perspective on the healthy travel encounters individuals experience during new cultural interactions.

We are here to help you plan everything and bring you clarity towards your Tanzania holiday.

About Services

Xpats International is a travel guide platform servicing tourist travelling to Tanzania, Africa. XPATS LLC works alongside the Tanzania Tourist Board in order to transcend customer experience and improve customer satisfaction among travelers during their Tanzania holidays. 

We strive to bring special hand-picked experiences and aim to become a disruptive force in the service market. 

  • Wildlife Safari
  • Beach Holidays
  • Mountain Trekking
  • Cultural Tours
  • City Tours
  • Helicopter tours
  • Air-balloon Tours
  • Ecotourism
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