May 2021
Mount Kilimanjaro Packing List Featured Image
WHAT TO PACK FOR KILIMANJARO TREKS? FOOTWEAR 1. Hiking Socks Pack 5-8 pairs of trekking socks depending on the Kilimanjaro routes and number of days of the trek. I usually wear, on Kilimanjaro, 2 socks at a time to reduce friction, however, a good pair of new synthetic socks can fairly do the trick. Bring...
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When Is The Best Time To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro_Man Trekking The Base Of Mount Kilimanjaro
March, April, May, and November are considered the worst months to hike Kilimanjaro due to terrible hiking conditions. During this time, the weather is generally rainy, windy, stormy, and snowy. Muddy campgrounds, slick pathways, and heavy fog are common difficulties you’ll endure during this time of year. If you’re on a tight schedule and can...
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Since Mount Kilimanjaro is the largest stratovolcano, standing at 5,895m (19,341ft), it is ranked as the highest free-standing mountain in the world and the tallest summit in Africa. (1) This is not to be confused as the highest ranked mountain in the world, as there’s a clear distinction when comparing Kilimanjaro vs Everest’s height. The...
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